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Handmade item

“Kara” is my new OOAK Blythe. She is my number 17 custom doll.
She has the following work done:

Special Full face up which includes carving of her mouth, nose, eyes, chin, phyltrum and nostrils. All face-up was done with high quality aquarels, colored pencils and pastels, sealed with many layers of MSC.

She has 4 new eye chips designed by made by me, in black, gray, green and blue colors.

She has a black scalp with beautiful super soft hair. 

She has four tiny little teeth, which are made out of good quality material which makes them look very realistic.

She has new eye lashes. Her pull strings are redesigned with lovely beads. At the bottom of her pull rings she has real gemstone and cute metal beads giving her a style.

She is traveling in my special box for her. The box can be used afterwards. The box is quite tough and safe for her from outside and covered with soft material and satin fabric from inside. 

Her dresses will be like the ones in the pictures. I also send extra clothes matching with the rest of her garments. These extra accessories will be decided by me.

She also comes with a bracelet matching with her pull strings for her mommy. 

All my dolls are carefully make with a lot of love and care, it is a handmade OOAK doll and she is carefully package.
All my work from the eye chips to her face is hand-made. I hope you like her 🙂